Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24, 2010

-Summer has been going pretty well, I haven't had to work at all. But starting on Monday I will have to work 6 hours a day 5 days week, maybe a bit more. I guess the money could be worth it...... But I was thinking about this situation for a really long time, and I realized I'de rather have next to no money than be stuck working. Oh well, no point in complaining right?
-It's about 11:35a.m. and I just finished getting all groomed for the day. Although today I did something I really liked. I woke up, and before eating showering or anything, I went on a run. i did a four mile (that's the total miles ways) run out to a park, rolled down the hill there, and ran back. Then I went on with my day, and I enjoyed it a lot. Although I did this because I've been working on getting a six-pack and just being in shape all around, I realized it was actually pretty fun. I first went on a run at my grandparents house in Cape Cod which, of course was beautiful. Although I did that right after a huge steak dinner, that was a bad choice hahaha.
-Between noon and 1:00p.m. my girlfriend is coming over, I'm not sure what were going to do, ut I'm excited. Then at 5:30p.m. I have to go to swimming, but after were meeting up and going with some of her friends to see fireworks which g off once a week at a city near us, and maybe mini golfing.It has been a bit rough with her living a town over from me, we don't get to see each other as much, but when we do we make it count.
-Theres probably o much more going on in my life but I'm consumed in the bliss of summer, so I'll hav to report back later.

Friday, June 18, 2010

June 18, 2010

-I don't have to many collected thoughts, yesterday I watched the sunset at the beach with my grilfriend's, and now I have rashes of mosquito bite on my right hand and foot, a little on the left ones as well. It's horrifyingly itchy. As you could have guessed it's summer, and I'm out until 2:00am every night, its great. Today I don't know what's going on, I just know it'll be fun. Oh and yesterday we made chocolate together, it turned out pretty good, more of a dark chocolate, but I love any type of chocolate.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

june 5, 2010

-So yeah, I haven't posted for a bit, but i obviously am now.
-Today was an eventful day, I'll start fromt he beginning. I want to go through the whole day because, well i just do.
-I woke up at 930ish when my mom woke me and demanded I go out and buy milk (in the torrential downpour) s my grandparents could mix t in their coffee. So I got in the car and it seemed as though ll the windows were open, I then wiped off all the water and got the milk. Next I hung around all day and got ready for prom, prom was today. I spent a very long time getting ready, and also secretly trying to avoid my grandparents. My grandma is to artificial and superficial, while my grandpa thinks I'm an idiot. At one point today he literally gave me hedge clippers, and showed me how to use them. That was up there with the time he "taught" me how gravity pulled down gutters towards the ground.
-Well I hopped in my tux to let my grandparents see me in it, we took pictures. My grandma was convinced I should be a model. So much so she is legitimately sending pictures of me in my tux to a modeling agency. It was flattering but insane haha.
-Then I left early to hang out with my friend before prom, it was fun, plus anything was better than being pestered by family. You know what though, my grandparents came all the way up to bring me a new car, so I'm really just being a brat complaining about that stuff, because they were very generous and I can't be appreciative enough.
-At my friends house, I met his dad first. i really liked him. The first conversation I had with him was about how he went puddle hopping with the kid next store to teach him how to have fun. From what it sounded like, the kid he tutored in fun had boring parents, and this guy actually went as far as to jump in a puddle with his loafers on. To show this kid how to have fun. The rest of his family as nice too.
-Then we drove tot he pre pro party. All the guys arrived like 10 minutes late or so, but it didn't matter. We were all standing around for about 15 minutes to half an hour waiting for the girls to come downstairs. They were all getting ready together. I also didn't know anyone so I just stood their kind of awkwardly. Before they even came down they took us outside and took pictures of us. Everyone looked great. Then after 11 people or so taking a ridiculous amount of pictures from every angle, we turned around and all the sudden the girls were there.
-I felt so realized, to actually be with my girlfriend was to actually have someone I know there to be with. I knew that one other kid I got together with before prom, but he was socializing with all his other friends most of the time, which I didn't blame him for. Well, we took pictures for about half an hour, I'll have to post them later maybe. Then I gave her the corsage, she liked it, and she gave me the boutonniere. It was very difficult to put on, I had about 7 different people try, it only had come with one pin instead of 2. And everyone said "this is a horrible pin" I didn't understood what was wrong with it, but ti wasn't working. Then my girlfriends dad tried it by bending the pin to keep it in, when he pressed on it, he stabbed me. Hahaha, it was a funny ice breaker (but painful).
-Then we went to Friendly's and ate for a while, that went on until the dance started, we were 15 minutes late, or what most call: "fashionably late". After walking in, it hit me that barley anyone knew me. I could act however int he world I wanted, and it would go over well at this dance, I'd be just another guy. So I decided to go all out with the dancing. I was a dance machine. i'm usually a very conservative dancer but me and my girlfriend were crazy dancing the whole time, although I usually look down on people doing that, it was really fun. We weren't having intercourse ont he dance floor, just to clarify. But we were crazy dancing. I also got to the point today where kissing her isn't one of those awkward once in a while things. That was a nice barrier to get over. Another reason it was so fun though was because the (hue) group of friends we went with turned out to be all really cool people. I enjoyed meeting them.
-Before I left I realized someone had taken my tux jacket. So I waited for everyone to leave and took the last one there, and I'm going to contact that place, because I bet that guy will try to turn in my jacket there. Luckily I took the money out of the jacket and put it in my pocket because I felt like something along those lines would happen. Then I realized one of my cufflinks fell out, and my shoes and socks were at my friends house. My that I mean my not dress up ones. So I was basically trashed, but I had an awesome time despite it.
-After going for 3 hours nonstop dancing, we got ice cream at Friendly's (again), and then we went to an after party. We watched "Bugs Life" and my girlfriend actually fell asleep for some of it while holding my hand. I didn't realize for a while though because she wasn't snorring, so that was funny.
-Now Im about to go to sleep, I really had an amazing time. i can't believe I was nervous about this whole deal. Goodnight!

Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010

-Right now I'm sitting outside of the school wasting away a few minutes until lunch starts. I'm on my Junior privilege.
-When I first got out I didn't know what to do without a car on Junior privileged, well I still don't. I rode my Razor Scooter down to my work which is the building next store to the school so it took not long at all, and I checked up to see if anyone had offered to cover my shift I can't make yet. No one did, so I asked a lady if she would do it f I couldn't find anyone else, which she could. So I will still try to find another cover, but it takes a load of my back knowing that I'll still be able to go to this band concert on Thursday, if I didn't, I'd fail the class. Or the quarter anyways. Don't get me wrong, I have an A+ in band, just concerts count for so much of the grade.
-Well, not much else has happened today, it's not even 10:30a.m. yet. Last night I started planning out going to prom with that girl. I am a little nervous about going to a big formal dance at another school but oh well. (It's her school's prom, mine already happened. Plus were both juniors so we couldn't go to mine, but apparently juniors can go to hers along with seniors?).
-Well I'm going to eat lunch now.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23, 2010

-Right now I'm at PBJ, I'm having fun eating a "Great Depression", it's a sandwich that's got nuttella, sliced strawberries, and grape nuts (for a crunch) on it. I just went on a pretty intense scooter ride around Portland with my friend, that was cool.
-Yesterday i got to hang out with the girl I went stargazing with again, I asked her out and she said yes, so were going out :) She made me a very cool bracelet, it's black and blue, kind of like a friendship bracelet. Except, it's a lot more pro looking than that. Well, I guess I'll start more from the beginning.
-So I woke up on Saturday morning at 7:00a.m. to go into work a bit early in order to fill out completion certificated I han't done earlier because there wasn't enough photo copies the day before. For the next four hours between 8 and noon, I just wasted time in classes and handed out pass/fail certificates. After that I got to clean my room and get my hair under control. Then this girl came over. First we hung around the house, then we went on a nice bike ride using the most comfortable bikes ever. Next we bought and ate a pasta dinner at a local store, then we started watching the "G.I. Joe Resolute", which is basically the Adult Swim remake of G.I. Joe but in a serious light. So, in the kids version theres no gore or intense violence or anything, well in this one Cobra kills 10 million people by blowing up moscow, just to prove a point. It was pretty intense and cool. Well, the progressed into us just laying around on my futon/bed being tired for like 3 hours until she had to go, then I asked her out.
-Then today I woke up (after sleeping in which was great) and mowed the lawn. Unlike usual, I actually took the time to do it nicely. Well, then I came out to PBJ, I'm having an amazing weekend, I guess it makes up for such a messy week.... :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20, 2010

-I don't even know where to start.
-Today i woke up late in a rush like usual and drove off to school, everything went normally. Then at school I got rewarded as "student of the day", that was really cool. I was having a very good day, then we got out of school and I talked to the guidance counselor about colleges.
-He said I had a good chance of getting into Bentley, Babson was alright, Boston University was pushing it, and I don't remember what he said about North Eastern. Well he also said I had decent SAT scores, but that wasn't enough for my family's, which I will get to later.
-So then we arrived at the school at 3:00 p.m. to cart people over to the ultimate frisbee game, but there was one person without a ride. I offered to give him a ride, I wasn't just going to let him be left behind. So we drove off, 7 people in my compact car, it holds 6 legally. Then while we were driving I had to cut a guy off in order to get in the correct lane, which I felt very bad about, but he felt much worse. He was behind us and followed us. I remember at one point the music was loud, and I turned it down and said "I don't want to draw attention to us, because were doing something illegal." Then the angry as hell guy behind me leans out his window and caught my attention, so i leaned out and asked him what he was saying and he said "if you're doing something illegal you shouldn't draw attention to yourself", it was hilarious. Well then we had to pass through a police blockade, and they didn't notice my overloaded car because they were to preoccupied with the guy in front of me. That was a very close call though. We were all really nervous!
-So after the police barrier, we kept driving until we got lost haha. Which we did very effectively. So we were driving at what was a sort of a T intersection when we were all confused if we should turn or not. So I put on my blinker, and then I turned it off like a second or so later and continued straight. Well the lady pulling out of the adjacent street looked at me in that quick moment I had my blinker on and didn't look gain, so she ended up crashing into us. it was pretty cool though, very little damage, my car is a tank apparently, and only had scrapes all over the passenger side haha. Her front of the car was pretty crushed however. Well then the cops came of course, and then I got busted for having to many passengers, but at least they were all buckled in, so I don't think he gave me a ticket for it, unless hes going to mail it to me or something. Well, he didn't give me one in person. I think he was to busy dealing with the crash (everyone was okay by the way). Then once all the information was exchanged I went to drive off and my car and it wouldn't turn anyway but right. It turns out (from what I know of now) the tie rod and drive shaft are all busted. My passenger side front tire won't turn, and the passenger side front door won't even open. I also have a transmission fluid leak, I guess my car is only a tank on the outside.
-AAA arrived to tow my car, this was probably the second best part of my day. Only beat by that exciting split second moment of being able to steer an out of control car, I wish I could feel that fast paced action more often.... I didn't realized how much fun it was until it was all over. Well the tow guy was an extremely chill guy, having a conversation with him was fun.
-Then, after dropping it off at the auto-shop, I got a ride home. The whole way home my mom told me that I should cheer up. When i didn't she informed me that my life had not been ruined, she followed this up by telling me the story of when she found out that my brother was autistic. She said the day he was diagnosed with autism, her life was crushed. She cried every day for at least year after that. Although she said that it hadn't ruined her life, I feel bad to say this, but in some peoples eyes, it did. She is now stuck taking care of him for the rest of her life, he will never graduate and leave. She will always be stuck trying to find coverage so he can work, and we don't want to send him to a group home because they abuse mentally disabled kids there way to often. THen I realized what it meant to have your life ruined. Not just the type of realize where you hear and understand, the type where you actually get to experience it, although I wasn't their first hand, I've dealt with it my whole life and will continue to. I understood. Then came lessons. My lessons were alright, of course, by now I didn't want to be teaching them, but oh well. On a cool note though, some girl lost her tooth at the bottom of the pool, I tried to find it, but couldn't.
-After lessons I checked the new work schedule for the next month. I found out the two shifts I have are at times I couldn't do, so I had to give them away. There goes my income for the month....
-Finally I got myself cheered up, I don't really know how though. Well as soon as I walked in the door home kind of cheered up, my mom informed "I've got bad news for you". She said my family was flipping out about my SAT scores and are forcing me into taking a prep class, which would either be directly conflicting with the new swim team I joined or marching band. So I have to give up doing one of them... I'm still deciding which one to pick. Although I'm going to look around fo more options, I'm not giving up that easily. It's just annoying because Im extremely devoted to both of them.
-As selfish as it seems, after listening to my mom list all fo her tragedies and how they don't compare to my brothers diagnosis of autism, I realized my mom has really bad luck. Then she informed me that I am inheriting it, and although biology can't rove it, from how my life has gone (no sob story, sorry if it is) I think she is right). And yes, I know there are kids in third world countries and so on. But as a comparison as to people with our standard of living and such, our family is definitely nearing the bottom with the luck and happiness chart. I have many more things to I don't feel comfortable discussing that are aiding that.
-Now I'm going to do homework, I don't really know where to go in all aspects of my life, I don't really feel very much up for anything. Except I'm going to a BBQ tomorrow, i've been planning it forever and I don't want anything to get int he way of it, we'el see.... Goodnight I guess.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16, 2010

- Yesterday i had the most amazing day, i was really happy.
- It started off with me getting up to teach lessons and consequentially teaching lessons. nobody threw up or used the bathroom on me, that was cool. Then when that was done, I bought a bunch of cake making and decorating equipment/ingredients. It was costly but worth stocking up for the summer.
-Right before I went home I stopped at Bug Light and checked out the kite festival, it was really cool, I was impressed.
-After that I spent about three hours setting up my wireless router, which is very helpful now that the new one actually works as opposed tot he old one. Then my day turned for the best.
-Soon after I enjoyed the fruits and luxuries of wireless, this girl I invited over showed up. I was impressed she found my house from a city or two away, I get lost on things like that. Well she came over and we made a german U-Boat cake. Although it turned out looking more like a whale, the experience was the fun part, I had a lot of fun. Then we went into the old port and I bought us bubble tea. Nancy (the lady who works there) was very entertaining. We had a very lengthily conversation with here and then wondered around the old port a bunch. It was pretty cool, especially not being cold and all. After that we went to my house so I could buy MGMT concert tickets online which I had wanted to do for a while. But the tickets were to expensive for my tight budget and I wouldn't even be able to sit with anyone I know, so I decided not to get them instead.
-Then we went down to bug light, now it was 8:30p.m. maybe 9:30p.m., and we went star gazing. We laid down and she said she just wanted to see the big dipper, but with all the clouds you could only see one star every so often. Then almost like magic the clouds above us pated and right there, was the big dipper. it was perfect. We spent 2 or 3 hours just gazing at the sky, but it only felt like minutes, I've never been that mesmerized with the sky. Then I remembered why i used to want to be an astronomer, if only it was a more social job, I would do it in a heartbeat. Well then we went back to my house and I taught her/owned her at Othello. I really like that game, ever since my grandma taught me when I was a little kid I've always loved it.
-Then she left and I went back on my new wireless computer! I surfed the web until I fell asleep, literally on my computer. Leading me into today. This morning I woke up to a humming sound, and then i realized my face was flat smooshed on my keyboard, I jumped up in terror. but luckily due to some miracle, I didn't drool that night, if I had my computer would of been toast.
- Then right when I walked out of my room, my mom heard me and made me do the hedge, which took an hour or 2. Then I ate with her and headed over to Peanut Butter Jelly Time, which is where I am now.
-First some guy came in with a small dog balanced on his shoulders and these crazy sandals that were like sneakers without the heel suports on them, it was crazy. Then some guy came up to me and carried out a conversation with me like I knew him. I feel like I do, I just can't recognize him, and that makes me feel bad. But I also feel like I've never seen him in my entire life. he seemed nice though. I'm about to go to a party later, but besides that, yeah.
-Oh and i am going with that girl to either the movie or the planetarium next Saturday, I don't know which one to pick!
-Lastly, I just realized how happy I am I didn't buy those tickets, because I needed the money to buy a $15.00 gift certificate to Peanut butter Jelly Time for the winner of the Grand Sandwich Building Competition that sandwich club is hosting tomorrow, I'm looking forward to it.